Cisco IP NAT table & icmperr

Hello I'm using software 12.3T I have problem with IP NAT translation Sometimes i have in NAT table:

Router#sh ip nat translations | incl icmperr icmperr --- --- icmperr --- ---


and these IP don't work

What does it mean "icmperr" in Cisco NAT table? What can I do with it?

I don't find any information about "icmperr" in Cisco web site

thank you & best regards


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Might be a might want to try upgrading/downgrading

FYI: 'icmperr' entry was introduced from 12.1(10.1). Prior to this version, if a NAT box with overload configured receives an ICMP error message, NAT tries to allocate an address (as opposed to address+port) and to create a simple entry. This means that if: - the box is configured with interface overload or

- all the addresses in the overloaded pool are used the route drops the ICMP error packet... Now: Instead of dropping the packet the route just picks any address (from the pool, or from the interface) and it creates a simple entry with a special value in the protocol field (proto=icmperr). This simple entry is used ONLY to translate ICMP errors coming from that particular Inside host. The entry times out in 1 minute. The timeout value cannot be changed from the CLI

from what i understand

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