Cisco Aironet 1100 VLAN creation (over snmp)

How does one properly create a VLAN over SNMP on a Cisco Aironet 1100 (IOS 12.3(4)JA). I can currently get to the point where the new VLAN appears in the dot1qVlanCurrentTable, but the new VLAN is neither operational nor have the radio and ethernet vlan subinterfaces been created (Do0.VLAN_ID and Fa0.VLAN_ID). I've take the following actions to get to this point:

  1. Create a cd11IfVlanSecurityEntry (set cd11IfVlanSecurityEntry.cd11IfVlanSecurityRowStatus.1.VLAN_ID = createAndGo)

  1. Enable the vlan (set cd11IfVlanSecurityEntry.cd11IfVlanSecuritVlanEnable.1.VLAN_ID = 1)

Examining the ifTable at this point reveals no subinterfaces for this VLAN Additionally, the cwvlWlanVlanTable indicates that this newly created vlan is notInService.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You cannot create or remove the management VLAN through SNMP. wrote:

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I'm not trying to do that. ".1.VLAN_ID" is an index into those tables. In step 2, 1==true.

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