Cisco 877 IPv6 issue

I've set up my Cisco 877 to route IPv6 to/from my LAN to my ISP. Routing works fine - I can access IPv6 addresses on the Internet without any problems. However, I can't talk to the router's global IPv6 address on the ethernet interface (Vlan1) and this seems to be because the Cisco is ignoring neighbour solicitation messages from other IPv6 hosts on the LAN. Doing a packet trace I see lots of, e.g.

2001:8b0:f:1:217:f2ff:fe0c:2e20 -> ff02::1:ff00:1 ICMPv6 Neighbor solicitation

but no neighbour advertisement back from the Cisco. Pinging the Cisco's link local address works fine (hence being able to route through to the Internet - it's just the global address that doesn't respond.

Is this a bug in Cisco's IPv6 implementation? I'm running 12.4(24)T1.



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Mike Zanker
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I've got exactly the same problem my Cisco 877W. It works fine with

12.4(24)T but not with 12.4(24)T1 or 12.4(24)T2. Unfortunately the later is required to fix security problems. :-(

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Matthias Scheler

I can confirm this same issue on 12.4(24)T1 and also on 12.4(15)T10.

This worked on 12.4(6)T, but alas that version has other problems, and I cannot use it.

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