cisco 677 wrong adi 3.0 update

I updated my adi firmware in cisco 677 and now the cbos is not running anymore. It shows the "Hello!" and it stalled at "Extracting Image...". I tried the rmon and put another cbos firmware for 677 and it doesn't work. I tried to put a 675 and a 678 cbos and it works, I can configure it but I can't update the RTBLD.BNM (ADI 3.0) firmware because it says "Legacy Image Skipped.... done." I think it wont let me because 675 and 678 uses a different modem chip. My question is: Can I update ADI firmware from RMON via serial console? If not I think my modem is "Bricked" Another issue is that 627 uses the same ADI firmware but I don't have a cbos image for 627 to give a try. If anyone have a cbos for 627 please share.

PS: The rmon is fully functional and I can put any cbos image on my



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