cisco 2950T


I have little Cisco knowledge.

I need a switch to:

- configure 2 100Mbits/sec vlans

- must be able to monitor traffic on both vlans simultaneously. Thus all traffic of both vlans must be visible on the monitor (dest) port. So the destination monitor port must be a 1Gbit port.

Currently I use a leased 3550 which does this job well.

Now I want to purchase the 2950T. But I can't figure out from the documentation if the 2950T (which has two 1 Gbit RJ45 ports) can do this job. The doc calls the 1Gbit ports 'uplink ports' , does anyone knows if these ports can also be used as monitor destination ports?

thanks Rob Frohwein

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rob frohwein
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yes... they can be used for monitoring.

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And you mean the monitor port can "see" *both* vlans ?

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rob frohwein

I'm not sure on that model. - I believe it depends on the OS as well. The model of switch I use at home does not allow monitoring from different VLAN's at the same time. (but they're old)



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