How to troubleshoot packet traffic on Cisco router ?

Hi !

I can't find how to view current ip traffic on cisco router (1760). There is very good command on linux systems - iptraf or ehterall (ethercap). But I don't see anything like that on cisco.

I want to know a few things - for example

- is there any traffic from (Vlan1) where setination port is 53 (both tcp and udp)

- is there any traffic from (and I want filter only this traffic)

- is there any traffic to destination port 53 ( on all interfaces, and only Vlan 1) I want see those packets.

From WAN I have FastEthernet interface, from internal I have 4-port switch which is configured like 4 differents ports (there are 4 Vlans with 4 different ip subnets). Vlan 1 - is LAN Vlan 4 - is DMZ.

Thanks in advanced. Domnik

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debug ip along with various filters, I think. But be careful.

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netflow or IP accounting is a good way to see stats about packets, but wont show you the actual data.

both only show routed traffic unless you have something like a Cat6500.

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Thanks guys !

Well - it's not perfect but maybe help a little bit. Dominik

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