Cisco 11503 (CSS) NAT

We have an environment where our Cisco 11503 CSS does load balancing to 10 IIS webservers. However now it seems that the CSS NAT's all traffic against IIS server which is a problem for us. We need all IPs to be transparent from source clients to the webservers due to logging etc, would this be possible with a different config on the CSS perhaps or are we looking at a different product range?

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As CSS runs a VIP against several services i.e. your servers, there must by nature exsist some sort of adress translation. So if you turn on this point of view, what is the real problem ? Perhaps that you do not run public IP on your servers or ?



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Martin Bilgrav

Naturally, the CSS does NOT NAT the source IP of the requester being balanced to the services behind a content rule. The destination IP (the VIP) does get changed as the connection gets forwarded to the selected service host, but your HTTP server should see the the natural Internet address of the requester. Any 'group' statements configured on your box?

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Brian Sickles

hi i have a strange problem with the CSS.I have configured it in one armed mode to load balance to dns servers for some dns queries the CSS sends the request to one server the server replies with the query then the CSS resends the same packet recived on the same port to the other DNS server for which the server gives a icmp not reachable message,Wat can be the cause of this problem ?

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Do you use Destination service ?

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