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Iÿm working as Systems Engineer since several years in the IT-Network Business and I like it. I started my career on the customer side, worked for Cisco on the manufacturer side, changed to the Cisco Channel Partner side and since two years, Iÿm back on the customer side. So I can say; I know this business from a lot of perspectives.

I received a CCIE-Certificate some years ago. It was a hard, bloody way but it was worthwhile. Now, Iÿm working for a company which is not a Cisco Channel Partner and therefore my CCIE-Certificate isnÿt significant for my employer. But Iÿm still re-certificate every two years my CCIE, as kind of hobby.

Since four month, Iÿm very disappointed about this Certificate Business. Why? Because my former employer still use my certificate for fulfill his requirements for the Cisco Gold Program. They declared me as expert, because they donÿt have enough experts. But I donÿt work for this company anymore, not as employee and not as full-time contracted employee. ; Since more than two years. Why is this possible?

Four month ago, I got in contact with my former employer and I told them, that they still use my certificate to fulfill the Gold Program requirements and they donÿt have my compliance. But they told me that this is my fault, because I have the CCO Account with ´Cisco Channel Partner or Authorized Reseller¡ access. I have to delete my CCO Account and everything will be fine. Why should I delete my CCO Account, Iÿm a CCIE? I will only change the company Iÿm working for and so my CCO Account doesnÿt have access to the ´Cisco Channel Partner¡ area. So I changed my CCO Profile and I thought I will not be declared anymore as expert for this company. Yesterday I recognized, that my former employer still use my Certificate to fulfill his requirements.

Iÿm very angry because, I worked hard to become a CCIE, I paid all my recertification by myself and this company still us it for there advantage. The next thing is that when I get a new job by a Cisco Channel Partner company tomorrow. My certificate will not be counted for a period of 12 month.

So every company can use my certificate to fulfill there requirements to become a Cisco Channel Partner. So Iÿm a CCIE for free!

What should I do? Sue my former employer?

Best Regards, Internetworker

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When you change employers you should update your contact information in two different locations.

1st is the CCIE database, which contains the email address and employer information Cisco uses to manage your membership in CCIE.

You can update your CCIE profile information online:

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2nd you should update your employer information in the Cisco Partner database online.

This database gives you access to the support services provided to Cisco's Gold and Silver level partners:

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If you have questions regarding your employer's partner level status please contact the partner support group for assistance:

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Cisco limits the recruiting of CCIEs from one partner to another.

Because of their expert skills and experience, CCIEs are in demand among Cisco's channel partners.

To limit the adverse impact of losing a key staff member, Cisco's Gold and Silver Channel Partner Program sets policy regarding hiring CCIEs away from other Cisco Channel Partners.

In general, the program rules prevent a reseller who hires a CCIE away from another reseller, from using that CCIE to qualify for Gold or Silver status for a period of 12 months.

More information can be found in the Gold and Silver Program Policy Document in Appendix D, Section 4, CCIE Policies.

PDF Page 30, Top of Page:

Gaining Partner

If a partner hires a CCIE who was previously employed by another Cisco certified or specialized partner, Cisco will not count this individual toward certification or specialization for the hiring partner for a period of 12 months from the date of hire.

This rule does not apply if a Cisco certified or specialized partner terminated the CCIE.

In this case, Cisco will require documentation from the partner that terminated the CCIE.

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Since your current employer is not a Cisco certified or specialized partner, you are a man in EXTREMELY HIGH DEMAND.

Congratulations ! ! !

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