cat 4000 works as hub? strange..

Hi, I have cat 4006 with several cat3500 (GBIC trunk) and all vlans are defined on cat4006 and there is root vtp. Vlans works ok, on all swithes I see all of vlans, etc. Most of them are used on cat4006, one of vlan (no 3) is used on cat4006 and (remote, over the gbit trunks) cat3500's.

I'm observe strange behavior - when host on other vlans (ie 5, 11 etc) and connected to 4006 send's tcp packets to host in vlan 3 and physically connected to switch's over trunk (cat35000) - hosts in the same vlan but connected to cat 4006 received all tcp packet's (but only from other vlan to vlan 3, from 3 to 3 and 3 to other - no).

simple schema: :)

[cat4006]=== gbic trunk ==[cat3500] host,vlan11 tcp--> host, vlan3 all hosts on vlan3 and cat4006 recive this packet

[cat4006]== gbic trunk ==[cat3500] host,vlan11

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Sebastian Sawicki
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Sebastian Sawicki napisa=B3(a):

maybe it's caused by full MAC table show mac-address-table count


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P1-C1> (enable) sh cam count dynamic Total Matching CAM Entries = 289 P1-C1> (enable) sh cam count permanent Total Matching CAM Entries = 0 P1-C1> (enable) sh cam count static Total Matching CAM Entries = 72 P1-C1> (enable) sh cam count system Total Matching CAM Entries = 86

looks ok..

I find strange things: when I recive 'broadcast' - the destination host on this moment cannot be found by 'sh cam ' - few seconds (well, sometmes few minutes) leater when cat4006 learn(?) mac's - packet's was sending directly..


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