Bandwidth limit per user

Hardware bandwidth controllers are quite expensive - Planet 10 >Mbps is about

>:1000 euro > > >. > >Packeteer's PacketShaper is much more expensive than that :( >About $US7500 for PacketShaper 2500 with 10 M license (the >maximum >for the device), >About $US12500 for PacketShaper 6500 with 10 M license (the >minimum >for the device), about $US17000 for the fibre-equipped >equivilent.

Getting a packetshaper for this type of application isn't a great idea; they are way too expensive and worse they are just not good at per-user limiting. They were designed for per-protocol control, and had to scramble rather badly when they realized they missed the boat on what is really needed.

For $4-5K you can get a box than handles just about anything you can throw at it from etinc. We have an R1800G pushing

87Mb/s with over 8000 user controls that runs at about 16% utilization. Sweet.

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