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Hi all I am a bit confused on how I might be able to achieve a backup Internet link in my current environment A bit of background LAN with multiple subnets, the default route goes to the Cisco PIX 515 firewall on The Cisco PIX 515 has an Inside i/f, a DMZ i/f (4 in total, 1 in use) and an Outside i/f On the PIX all HTTP and HTTPS (basicaly any internet) traffic is set to go to the proxy server in the DMZ ( via access rules. This is a Linux server running Squid Access rules set on the DMZ i/f are then set to allow traffic to the outside interface for Internet access The current outside interface is part of a /29 subnet assigned to us from the ISP. x.x.x.41 is the routers ethernet i/f and x.x.x.42 is the PIX, the other IP's are all assigned for various things like mail, webmai, vpn etc

I was wondering how I can implement a redundant internet link. The new link is in and connected to a Cisco 837 but I don't have this interconnected to anything in the network at this point in time. This link will also be used to access a remote Data Centre site used for disaster recovery.

I wanted to know

  1. How I can make this part of my network so it is secure
  2. How can I make the network switch to this connection if the primary link fails

Any suggestions would be most welcome


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