ASA 5510 software upgrade steps


I need to do a software upgrade on an ASA 5510 (ASDM 512 ->521and OS


The trouble is that this router is now in use 24 hours a day and implements site to site vpns and CA server controlled web ssl.

I have a backup of the current bin / configuration and I have read documentations about that, but I'm really new in Cisco systems.

I'd rather have some advice here before doing that.

Could you please tell me what is the most secure way to do this upgrade with minor risk of loosing the current configuration ?

For instance : Should I upgrade the ASDM image first or the OS image first ?



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You -must- do the OS image first. I believe the ASDM image will not be accepted until the OS is upgraded.

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Walter Roberson

Unless you have another ASA5510 as a failover device, downtime is going to have to happen since it needs to be rebooted for the image to load. I would say if there's room, to keep the current image on there and then load the new image. Reboot then cross your fingers. If something is wrong, you can always reload back to the older image.

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Thanks for your answers. Ok, So I'll first update Os and I'll cross my fingers too.


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