Anyone managed to get WPA/PSK working on Ipaq 4700 and any Cisco AP?

I am considering getting the HP Ipaq 4700 PDA with built-in 802.11b wifi.

I was never able to get wifi working with some other PDAs, and the older 5450/5550 Ipaqs (built-in 802.11b) don't work with any access points that are b+g!

So I am checking that somebody had some success, before forking out the money on this PDA.


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Don't know about the ipaq, but I'm a happy user of a qtek9090 connecting via wpa and eap-tls (not even tried psk) to a cisco 1231 ap. To make it work I had to install the odissey client, my tought is that the original client in win2003 phone edition is bugged. Bye, Max.

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