ADSL router for a medium size network. any recomendations please?


We have a network with about 200 computers, but normaly only about 50 will be connectod to internet at the same time. We have a cheap ADSL router (a tipical personal router) which hangs several times a day when there are many connections. We are thinking on changing the router and we are thinking on the following router

Cisco 857 Integrated Services Router puertos

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we need ADSL2+, NAT, ethernet 100, we dont need wifi.

it will be a correct choice or it will be too "small" and we will need a

1800 series router?


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Fernando Peral Pérez
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Yes, I think your hunch about the 1800 series is correct The 800-series is fine for really small offices with ten workstations, but if you're going to be having 50 (and with the CPU overhead of NAT and maybe firewall if you buy the Advanced IOS), you may want to go up one level and go for the 1801.

Plus, with the 1801, you get an 8-port switch included instead of a 4-port switch.

The price difference isn't too bad. (I'm in Canada) A quick check seems to show I can get an 857 for about $400 and an 1801 for $1,000


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Thomas Dzubin

I agree with the first post I would just like to add that the 1800 series will allow upgrades is you decided to use the modular fuctionality

Thomas Dzub> > We have a network with about 200 computers, but normaly only about 50

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Go with 1801 as it will be customized and used in better way then 800 series. Moreover later you can run IPSEC etc with that router

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Wow a couple DSL threads today. :)

I also would recommend the 1800 series. I'm using it at home (just a few systems connected) but it has all the functionality I need.

Using a cisco 1841. No expansion ports as of yet, but I am thinking about adding in an aironet module.


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