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Just a lil question. I am close to purchasing an 1841 for a network project and I am looking at the Cisco configuration tool. I notice two different options for T1 WIC cards:


1-Port RJ-48 Multiflex Trunk - T1


1-Port 2nd Gen Multiflex Trunk Voice/WAN Int. Card - T1/E1

Are the only differences in these two that the second could possibly handle voice as well as data? Why does the first specify RJ48 and the second does not? If not RJ48, what would it be? serial? Also, when I am looking at these routers, what is the difference between a NM slot and a WIC slot?


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(ie. the revision 1 card of the one below)

Both of these cards can handle voice depending on the proper hardware and software config. Thats what the V is in their part number. VIWC2 is the 2nd generation version of the first. You're reading too much into it listing RJ48 or not. They are both the same for the T1 interface.

An NM slot handles bigger cards with more ports. The WIC cards are smaller and handle typically 1-4 ports. Now you also have NM-X, HWIC, etc.etc.

Its not going to matter in your 1841, but with something like a 3745, you typically need to put in NM card into each slot. There's dozens of NM cards. Some of them come with more WIC slots, for things like the single T1 cards or dual T1 cards you are looking at.

Just more expansion options.

Read through the datasheets on Cisco's website for a list of what you can get.

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