60 poles to 60 poles Cisco cable.

May any of you tell me which the part number of a 60 poles to 60 oles Cisco cable to connect 2 1601 through the serial interface and make the possibility to try some experiments between the routers?

I'm asking that because I have 4-5 of those routers and try to study CCNA.



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cable to connect 2 1601 through the serial

Let's try google. [cisco serial crossover]

Top line of top hit says:- CAB-HD60MMX-1 LFH 60 Male ( DB60 Male ) To LFH 60 Male ( DB60 Male ) Cisco Router DCE To Cisco Router DTE LFH 60 Male ( DB60 Male) / Male Crossover 1 FT. $43.0

Note that you need to set the clock rate on the DCE end.

I am sure that you will get it cheaper elsewhere. OK - I'll look.

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ID: 242 DCE/DTE DB60 Crossover Cable - 1FT $5.89 Wow - that seems cheap. I am sure that you won't find it much cheaper anywhere:-))

I know NOTHING of these companies, choose one for yourself. I am only helping you to find the correct cable.

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