1900 Entreprrise

I'd like to double check my understanding...

The Cisco 1950 can have "Entreprise" software or "Standard"?

The "Standard", does not offer a CLI interface?

Can a "Standard" be upgraded to "Entreprise"



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1950?? Are you sure about that? Cisco used to offer upgrades to enterprise, but that unit is beyond end of support at this point so I'm not sure. The CLI was a bit different than other CLIs so I'm not sure how much it will buy you.
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Hansang Bae

Hi Pierre,

There was no 1950, I assume you mean either the 1912 (12 ports) or

1924 (24 ports).

No, the "Standard" S/W was menu only (also only Bridge Groups, no VLANS), "Enhanced" S/W offered both Menu and CLI, although be careful with the CLI, it looks anmd handles like IOS but definately has its own... quirks...

Yes, straight S/W "upgrade", no issues, except if I remember correctly a failed "upgrade" usually left the 1900 in an unusable state that could only be corrected by Cisco (or official agent).

However the 1900's are EOL and unsupported so I don't know if there may be licensing issues or not.


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