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B, C, D

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All ISs and ESs in a routing domain must have system IDs of the same length. Furthermore, Cisco implements a fixed length of 6 bytes for the system ID.

Each system ID within an area must be unique. It is used to identify a IS-IS node.

There are several techniques for creating unique system IDs

  • Start numbering 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on.
  • Use Media Access Control (MAC) addresses.
  • Convert and use the loopback IP address: -->> 1921.6801.1001.
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Which of the following points can you include in your discussion of the Cisco IS-IS NSAP address System IDs? (Select three)

A. System IDs can vary in size within a domain.

B. The System ID identifies a node in an IS-IS network.

C. The System ID must be unique within a Level-1 area.

D. The System ID must be unique within a Level-2 area.

E. The System ID must be the MAC address of the router.

My answer: A, B, C

My freinds saying: B, C, D

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