What makes a good IT pro? IT Tech?

hey, i completely can feel what u went through. u know ups and downs are part of life. just remember these 2 quotes:

  1. whatever wont kill u will make u stronger.
  2. if u lose, donot lose the lesson

i think its normal that confidence is low when u r not in consistent jobs. confidence would be good again once u get the job of ur choice. one thing i would suggest u to do certifications or do on your own. do CCNA or CCNP if u r looking towards cisco side. getting certification will also boost ur confidence and would also look good on resume.

Certifications and education counts but you cant know it all. I think its not what you know, but if u know where to look for.

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Saad Ahmed
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Got talked into a short-term project recently that required a skill set I as yet don't have. Recruiter was anxious to get the postion filled. It was pretty humilating. (Basically, got kicked from the project.) The thing that really got me, was the hit my confidence took. Since I got my A+/Network+ work has been piece meal and not always in the same areas. Experience seems to be hard to come by or maybe I'm not trying hard enough.

What's a good way to keep the skills sharp and confidence high, when the work is not consistent? What makes a good Tech?


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Paul Kersey

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