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I have been recently been verbally offered a job as the Lead Network Architect at a large 8 Billion dollar financial company in Ohio. Salary has not been discussed yet. I need to know what type of Salary should I expect from this position.

I will be reporting to the Director of IT and I am responsible for the LAN/WAN across the US, Mexico, Canada and Europe and It cosist of

17,000 users. I also am certified as a Network plus, CCDP and CCSP.

I have 10 years of direct Cisco Experience working for an ISP. I also have a Masters in Business Administration from a medium sized school in Illinois. I will not have any direct reports but will be responsible for leading and planning all enterprise related projects and creating all network related policies, and leading all Network managers and Engineers in managing the network.

What type of salary should I demand/expect for this position. Please help. Should I demand 6 figures or less?

Thanks in advanced for any responses

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You may find the "moldy" Cisco Salary and Compensation web page useful:

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However, recommend that you call Dr. Vincent C. Jones, PE for his opinion on what Lead Network Architects should demand in salary:

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Hope this helps.

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