TFTP Server ?


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Hans-Dieter Kreutzner
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Hi Leute,

Ich möchte auf meinem 1603 Router ein IOS update machen. Welchen TFTP Server sollte ich da nehmen? Am besten freeware.

Also mit dem Pumpkin komme ich leider Überhaupt nicht zurecht :c

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Kai Anders

Please speak English, thank you.

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"Kai Anders" skrev i en meddelelse news:e1gv81$n0k$03$

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Martin Kiefer

I like tftpd32 a lot. PumpKIN is also nice, but I've heard (and seen) it can reboot a 6500-chassis.


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David Casey

That TFTP desktop from weird solutions is nice. Easy to use, and is freeware as long as it's non-commercial use. Backed up my two routers at home no problem.


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