Suggestions on troubleshooting techniques for CCNA 640-801 test

I took the test a couple of days ago. Failed with 762....the troubleshooting section killed me! I have Lammle's Sybex book 4th edition with the Platinum Edition Virtual Lab. I read up on NAT and OSPF in several publications. I have no equipment. I need to advance my troubleshooting ability quickly. Any ideas?

Cheers, Pete

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Pete S
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Sorry to hear you failed :(

I don't know what the Virtual Lab is like, but my advise would be to buy a network simulator (I use

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where you can build your own network with loads of routers, 2950/1900 switches and hosts. Personally, the only way I think you can learn the commands and troubleshoot is if you do this.

Better still, if you have the cash, go out and buy the real kit cheap off ebay or something.

Cheers Dilan

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I just passed today with an 875. CDP is required to answer the switch questions.

sh cdp sh vtp status sh spanning-tree

were generally what were needed. Used cdp to ID what devices are on what interfaces (since this information was not given) and then uses the other commands to identify the root bridge and the like. Kinda sucks since cdp is not reliable IRL due to most networks being multivendor.

I still don't know WTF they wanted for the OSPF question. I built it exactly the way I built it in the lab, and one adjacency would not come up. If it was a router, I coulda got it working. But they were looking for something specific, and I haven't a clue what it was. (either that or the question dicks with you to eat time) I think they give partial credit on the labs, so do fix what you can even if your not sure about the rest.

STP and VTP are relatively simple. The configuration guides on are really all you need to get a solid understanding of these protocols and you can raise your overall score by crushing on these questions.

You do need lab time. Rent it online. There are a dozen or so vendors. The reasons YOU MUST USE A LAB, is that a lot of questions are syntax. (f****ng rediculous IMHO) Who gives a shit if full-duplex is hyphentated? The only cisco command atom I ever actually fully type out is the word "brief".

Be able to subnet in your head. Be able to recognize the RFC 1918 networks in binary from sight. These two things are not important to answer the question, they are important to buy you extra time to use on the labs.

You must get a decent score in _all_ sections to pass. A defficiency in any one seems to be counted more than outstanding performance in all others. It says right there on your slip "these scores are not cumulative".



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Nice one

Where the CDP switch questions a lab btw?

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