RIP/IGRP VLSM question

Hi All,

Was wondering if anyone could help me on a VLSM question I have.

Suppose I have a network of 5 routers.


Router1: f0/1: s01:

Router2: s0/1: s0/0:

Router3: s0/1: s0/0:

Router4: s0/1: s0/0:

Router5: s0/1: f0/0:

Each router is running RIPv1 and advertising its local network using classful addresses, e.g. Router1 config would be

router rip network

The ethernet interface on R5 ( to the ethernet interface on R1 ( The classful address within the network is the same, so it's not a discontigious one, but there are different subnet masks in use (/24 and /28). I've tried this on a router simulator and it works, but I'd just like to be sure.

I understand that RIP and IGRP don't work with VLSM's, but is this only if there are two different classful addresses?

Many thanks in advance

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Hi Dilan,

You are right RIPv1 dos not support VLSM because RIPv1 is a classfull protocol and VLSM needs a classless protocol like EIGRP, RIPv2 and OSPF. The router simulator is not correct, it should not work. wrote:

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