Retractable ethernet travel cables

I see a lot of people in my organization using retractable ethernet cords like this one:

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This seems like a bad idea as it defeats the necessary twists in a Cat5 cable. Does anyone have any resource they can point to that discusses this or speak to it directly?

Thank you!

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Yes this does look like a bad idea, it's a flat cable, so therefore no twists, so, that means crosstalk - conversations/voltages/spikes on wires that are adjacent to other. The twists keep this talk to each dedicated pair, and any noise generated is cancelled out the other end.


danejasho wrote:

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I'd be very surprised if these issues were not realised and designed out at the manufacturing process by the tech teams involved with this

what surprises me more is the cost, its hellish and all you are getting is a spring loaded coil with a plastic outer. Give me a 3m piece of UTP anyday


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Steve Ray

That's what I thought, but there is no IEEE rating on the retractable cable (at least it's not on the web site), but if you search the same site for a standard 1000' box of Cat5E cable, they have all the IEEE and EIA/TIA standards clearly identified. Perhaps it works 'good enough' since the length appears to be limited to a few meters.

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