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I have great new idea for all those who get certified thanks to cheat sheets.

Here's the scenario:

The download was tough. Boy AOL was slow that night. Getting mom to pony up the $30.00 for cheat sheets was tough too. Especially after the whole lemonade stand fiasco last week. I might not be able to think, but thank god I can at least read, you tell yourself. You pat yourself on the back because you put in a lot of hard minutes studying, but now you are there. Downloading and memorizing that pdf was the toughest 2 hours in your life. It was all worth it though. You "earned" your certification and now you've landed that networking job.

Your first day on the job is going well. Then someone says 'the whole subnet is down'. You don't think anything of it, since the term is barely familiar. Then the boss walks up and says, hey, didn't you hear, the Accounting LAN is down ( Sorry Cheatking folks, a LAN is the thingy that connects all the other thingys, the one with all the wires).

Now, everyone is looking to you to get it going again. You roll up your sleeves and pull out your trusty Cheatking v24 pdf file. To your horror, that question wasn't covered in the v24 pdf file you have. Why this LAN doesn't look anything like the one in the pdf file. It has cables instead of lines and a weird looking machine instead of a circle with arrows!!!!!

OMG, you got fired. To top it off, the boss now thinks all cisco certified people are idiots too.

The solution:


We get a group of guys together who actually studied the material and we make a big pdf file of all the possible problems and all the possible solutions. Then we market it to all the guys who memorized the answers for the exam!


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Bill Sanders
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That is just the best junk mail i ever read hehehe

best thing is , you never realize its a junk mail untill the end of it

Guys , its not a shame to study the testking as long as the exam is not only simulation questions i dont see any problem at all of knowin the questions before u pay the money :) good luck all

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