Cisco IDS 4210 Follow-up questions

A few weeks ago I posted asking for documentation links on the IDS

4210, I got some very useful links, thank you guys! I have a few more questions that the documentation just didn't make clear to me. How do event filters work? I get an event that I know is a false alert and I want to exclude it for the destination and source IPs I am seeing. I have an idea but I want to make sure.

If I apply a filter and set it with the SigID, DestIP, SourceIP, and exclusion set to no then thosealearts just won't trigger and won't be logged. If I do a filter and put a subSigID in and teh same settings as above then set exclusion those subSigs will be triggered, but not the others?

Is this correct? Is there a way to filter events out of the log based on SigID and Dest and Source IPs? Or do I have to clear the events and start over?

Are there any free tools that allow reporting from a Cisco IDS 4210 sensor and storage in a database?

And the last one, is there a way to delete a single (or group of) IP Logs?

I know this is a very old product, but for now we want to see if this works for us and maybe move on to a newer IDS or IPS solution.

Thanks in advance!


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