Does Cisco think a switch port can be on more than one VLAN?

Different practice exams expect different answers. My experience is that on my OLD OLD 1900, which only supports 4 vlans, that a switch port can be on as many vlans as you want. On the newer 1912 and 1924 switches, I can not find a way to put a port on more than one vlan.

The truth does not matter, what matters is what Cisco would consider to be a correct answer. Does anybody know?

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Well, this is a certification discussion group. What counts is what is a correct answer on the CCNA exam, which doesn't include voice. In class they taught that a port can only be on one vlan, one practice test expected that answer too. Another practice test expected that it could be on more than one vlan. And I think the question was worded to not imply trunkig, but a regular port to connect to a computer.

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Using a trunking protocol, you can associate many vlans with a port. Also on some switches, you can configure a voice, or auxiliary, vlan even when you've set the port to access mode.

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Billl George

The answer is 1 VLAN only.

To support more than 1 VLAN the port would have to detect which VLAN the Ethernet frame belonged to which is only possible by using a trunking protocol which a PC connected to an access port does not provide.



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do as cisco says not as cisco does

ccna = 1 bcmsn = many


good luck

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