CCNA from Books?

Can we learn CCNA from Books alone? i have practical knowledge in working Cisco SOHO routers and other devices(Linksys). i would be joining training soon. but wanted to know how critical would attending a training centre be...any advice would be appreciated.

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Did not work for me. I am taking a college class now, and along withe books and access to the online Cisco lab, I do much better.

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I'll let you know in about 10 or so months. I'm trying it using books and I'm also in the process of putting together a lab to work with when I'm home...

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CCNA is more than how to manage routers. Its about network theory and how to implement a wide variety of networking options. Can you get enough out of reading books? Maybe, but its like trying to learn programming by just reading books. At some point its necessary to actually test your knowledge against real world conditions. Cisco SOHO routers will only provide a small subset of that experience.

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Peaceful Bill

Absolutely agreed. this is not even close to MCSE or other monkey tests. this is hard core networking.

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