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I am new to the CISCO field and I am wondering if someone could please give me an answer to my problem. At my workplace, a new AIR-AP1310G-A- K9 was returned by a customer who claims that the unit does not get a radio signal. Can someone please let me know how I go about doing a test on this unit to see whether it gets a sginal or not?

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Configure the wireless access point (WAP) with a single unsecured wireless SSID which is connected to a connected network segment. If communication is possible between the wireless LAN (WLAN) and the cabled inside network, then the WAP will transmit radio communication for wireless clients to detect and use for connections.

Use a Cisco console cable to connect to the WAP. This is a light blue DB-9 to RJ-45 serial rollover cable. Login and verify the IP address of the ethernet interface of the WAP, probably FastEthernet0/0. From a computer on the same cabled network as the WAP, web browse to the WAP's IP address. The default login is Cisco/Cisco. If security is already in place, use whatever your network (that you must be an administrator of) login is that will get you device access. If in doubt, perform a full device reset and rebuild the configuration. From there, configure and connect a wireless SSID to a wired LAN segment. If successful, a wireless client (laptop with a wireless card) should detect a wireless network. If the mapping is not present, or if the SSID is configured but the WAP is not connected to the network, the wireless network will not be visible over the radio.

Check against another wireless client first to ensure that the problem is not specific to the one person reporting. Check the WAP configuration and work on it until a wireless laptop detects the signal. Return the WAP to its place of origin and work on the wireless client to be configured as the testing laptop until the connection is obtained.

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