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Didja try it on those Cat3 cables?

I'd be more suspicious of that old Lucent. Is it marked Cat5? In 1995, NEXT wasn't much on the radar. Those old punchdowns are more likely Cat3 and their PCB trace routing "untwisted".

-- Robert

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I got a ticket to install a half dozen drops in a student computer lab, under some raised floor. The lab jockies there had already pulled several cables under the floor, and crimped RJs on the hub end and punched down keystone jacks on the PC ends. They showed me the job, and I just shook my head. The fools had used cat3 telephone cable for all of the drops. Duh.

Anyway, I removed those dud cables so I had a half dozen cat5 keystone jacks left over to use. So I got some AMP 110Connect series faceplates and tried one of the keystones in a faceplate, but it just fell out. Apparently, even tho they look the same, there's a big diff in the size of the edges where things click onto. So I punched down the jacks and left them for later when I get a proper faceplate.

So one the way home I stopped off at the Big Orange Box hardware store and checked out the jacks they had in the electrical dept. I found a line of Leviton jacks and faceplates that look identical to the AMP and keystone jacks. But they could conform the AMP size, which means that the jacks would fall out of the Levitons as well. Or the faceplates may be the same size as the keystone jacks which would work just fine. Does anyone know if the Levitons are keystone compatible? Thanks.

BTW, I certified these runs with my Fluke DSP-2000, and they all passed, but with some of the narrowest NEXt margins I've ever seen. Some of them passed with 2.2dB or 1.6dB margins, which is a lot poorer than I usually get. I usually test Lucent/Avaya/Systimax jacks, and they usually do 8 or better. I'm wondering if these cheap generic keystone jacks are the cause of this marginal performance. The cable is cat5 plenum, and the patch panel is Lucent from 1995, which is usually a good brand. The runs were only 50 some feet. Just curious. Thanks for any help.

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Yes, Leviton QuickPorts are in actuality Keystone jacks.

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