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Al Dykes
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Has anyone seen a good answer for wall-plate mounted speaker terms?

Looking at a job with Leviton or similar Cat5 for data; Cat0 RJ12'ish for telco, F for cable TV, but they want speaker wiring as well.

Suggestions? Are the Leviton binding post inserts suitable?

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David Lesher

David Lesher wrote in news:co875a$fqt$1 @reader1.panix.com:

Maybe you should run Cat for voice as well.

I've used the levinton binding posts and they work fine. Quest and other companies also make speaker plates - but they won't integrate into Levinton's inserts.

As a suggestion - for you might want to run a couple extra Cat5's or RJ6's

- these can be used for speaker outputs or for video in the future. Also, in the home theater area, you might want to run a plate somewhere up on the ceiling with 2 or 3 RJ45 jacks or 3+ RJ6's for a future projector.

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Lucas Tam

Glad to hear the Leviton's work. I do plan to run multiple CAT5's & coax's. But don't really need more phone cable. See, this place was build in 1965 and had a genuine Bell System Home Interphone system. It was still there!

[You youngsters likely have never even heard of a 51A....] For it, the place has a 25 pair loop appearing 9 places..

The instigation for all this work is her upstairs toilet fill line blew off and it was 4 days before anyone knew - there's $38K worth of damage to the place and contents.

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David Lesher

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