Conduit Size & Cable Fill Capacity

Would anyone have a handy chart that shows how much Cat6 or Cat5 cables max can be filled in a conduit of 3", 2", etc....

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John Soto
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Here is a conduit fill capacity table you can use:

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Has CAT3, CAT5E, CAT6 and CAT3 multipair cables

Good luck!

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This is a great URL. If I want to use RG-6 what size OD should I use in the table? Is there a difference between ordinary RG-6 and the QS kind?

Same questions for fiber, only I don't know enough about fiber to be more specific.

Last question (thanks!): If I wanted to use the "combination" or "bundle" cables that I have read about, where you get say 2 each of RG-6 and Cat 5e in one "package," is this table still good?

This is for a project where I will put in some vertical conduit(s) in my house right now, so I can come along later and do the wiring.

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California dude

Depends on the manufacturer, and the specific cable type. For instance, Belden 7916A is .298" OD..

If you're putting in conduit to the outlets, I wouldn't bother with the combo cables.. individual cables are going to be less expensive, and you retain more options in deciding what to install in a particular location.

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