Motorola SBG1000 firewall

Have a Motorola SBG1000 connected to Comcast.

Configured custom firewall policy over 70 days ago to allow ssh and block Comcast attempts to force down config files or pull logs via snmp.

All services work fine until 2 days ago.

Suddenly, I can no longer access the webmail interface of the Exchange server at my workplace on either tcp80 or tcp443.

A quick look at the SBG1000 log files indicate that the Exchange server has been "blacklisted".

A call to Comcast elicited a "Uh, here is a list of ports we block. sorry we can't help you" none of which seem to be getting in the way.

Anyone know how to remove the "blacklisting" from the Motorola SBG1000?

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The new ZoneAlarmRF, of course. ;-)

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Bill M.

Fresh from an Iraqi prisoner interrogation ppiecuch smirked:

How did you get a firewall in FRONT of the modem??

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