New Linksys BEFSR11/41 firmware 1.46

I just upgraded / testing out the new Linksys BEFSR11/41 firmware ...1.46

It seems to be working fine (72 hours and counting)...but does anyone know / have an info on the new options on the Filters Tab:

1) Filter Internet NAT redirection

2) Filter IDENT (port 113)

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Jim Orfanakos
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This has to do with seeing the login screen from the LAN side(maybe WAN side as well). I can't remember the specifics. If someone here doesn't answer go to DSLreports Linksys forums and look for posts from Flogator on the BEFSX41 router. He explains it pretty well. Linksys added this one to the latest versions of it's firmware after the login screen exploit/bug.

The simply sets the firmware to either show port 113 as Closed or Stealth.

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