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Q: What will the new advertised speeds be? A: The base package (silver) will be 4000/384. The $10 add on tier (gold) will be 6000/768.

Q: What will the new caps be? A: The caps will be 4300/384 and 6600/768 for silver and gold, respectively.

Q: What about download speeds? A: Accounting for overhead, you can can expect a max of 506 KB/s with silver and 777 KB/s with gold.

Q: Will there be a price increase for HSI? A: Not at this time.

Q: Will all Comcast subscribers get the upgrade? A: Yes, everyone will get it. Some will get it sooner then others based on a roll-out schedule.

Q: When can I expect the upgrade? A: Some areas will be upgraded on or around Jan 26th, while the rest of the upgrade is expected to be completed by March 31st.

Q: What areas will be upgraded on Jan 26th? A: See this post for an unofficial list: »Comcast speed upgrades thread - Part 5

Q: How do I know if my area has been upgraded? A: Please take a look at the database mbernste put together: »[Connectivity] Speed upgrade tracking database created

Q: Can I call Comcast to find out when I will be upgraded? A: Comcast has not released the dates for all areas yet. Please be patient and do not call Comcast.

Q: Will I have to purchase/lease a new modem? A: No, this speed upgrade will not require a new modem.

Q: Does Comcast have to upgrade my area to QAM 256 before the speed upgrades. A: No, but it would be beneficial to Comcast to do so.

Q: Will the new speed upgrade be automatic or will I have to reboot my modem? A: In most cases you will need to reboot your modem.

Q: What happened to Pro? A: The Pro package is slowly being phased out in all areas. Current Pro customers should get the upgrade, but they would save a lot of money by switching to the gold tier.

You can take a peek at:

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to see if your area has the upgrade.


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On January 26th, by roughly 1:00pm EST, the following markets should be updated to the new speeds:

Albuquerque, NM Ann Arbor, MI Auburn Hills, MI Augusta, GA Boston, Ma Chesterfield, VA Charleston, SC Chattanooga, TN Connecticut Dallas, GA Dallas, TX Delaware Detroit City, MI FL - West Fort Wayne, IN Hattiesburg, MS Huntsville, AL Indianapolis, IL Independence, MO Knoxville, TN Lake County, FL Little Rock, AR Maryland Meridian, MS Mobile, AL Muncie, IN Naples, FL Nashville, TN NJ - North NJ - South Olathe, KS PA - Central PA - Metro (Philadelphia) Paducah, KY Panama City, FL Pima, AZ Portland, OR Savannah, GA Springfield, IN Springfield, MI Tallahassee, FL TN - East Tuscaloosa, AL Virginia Washington, DC

If you reside in any of the above mentioned areas, you will need to power-cycle your modem in order to obtain these new speeds. To power-cycle your modem, unplug the power cord to the modem, wait 1 minute, re-connect power cord to the modem and wait for modem to come back online (usually about 1-5 minutes to come back online). Also, these speeds are estimated to go live by 1:00pm EST today. If you do live in one of these areas, have power-cycled your modem and have not received the new speeds, please try peridically power-cycling throughout the day to see if your modem will aquire the new config files.

If your market is not in the above list, your area will be receiving the update at a later time. This is the most up-to-date list at this time and we ask that you please not contact Comcast to inquire when your city will receive the upgrade as our customer service representatives will have no additional information about schedules for this upgrade for cities not in the list above.

All Comcast markets are expected to be updated to these speeds by March 31,


There have been a few other threads in the Comcast forums and other forums that are showing detailed lists of the markets that are receiving these updates. For the most part these lists are correct but a small number of markets have changed. We will be updating this thread with the most up-to-date information that we have available so please check back frequently if your area is not included in the above list.

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Correction, the new caps will be 4400/384 for regular customers and 6600/768 for the gold customers. ($10.00 addon)

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