NetGear RT311 original ROM file

Hello all,

While cleaning out at work they were throwing out various hardware items that they have deemed broken, so I picked up a few things.

Have gotten most of it up and running, just having issue's with a NetGear RT311

I don't have the original ROM file to do a reset on the darned thing.

I can hypertem into it no problem but don't know the p/w.

Would be great to get this up and running so as to configure and keep the kids out of the areas that they just shouldn't be in...

Does anyone have the original setup disc or a copy of the original rom file kicking around that I could maybe bother you to send to me???? Or know where it is online (can't seem to find it at the Netgear site, they just assume you have the cd... )

Any help would be appreciated.

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Thanks in advance.

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