home network and sonos audio with comcast

I have been contracted to setup a whole house network that includes the sonos music system. I was at the site yesterday and have all computers functioning on / These all terminate at a Linksys BEFSR41 4 port and is operating with factory defaults.

The sonos system consists of a series of zone players and controllers. The players and controllers all interconnect themselves using an preconfigured and locked encrypted 802.11 network. One of the players must be wired to a PC on the ethernet or home network. This PC runs a desktop controller piece of software that allows access to the music library stored on the PC's drive. The connected player functions as a bridge to the sonos wireless network so all other players and controllers can independantly access the music library. Pretty slick when it all works.

The problem is that if I detach the cable modem from the Linksys, the PC controller software is able to see all of the players on the sonos network. Once that cable modem is connected, access from the PC to the sonos network is gone.

In troubleshooting this, I discovered that if the cable modem is connected, and then I start the controller software, discovery of the players will not occur HOWEVER if I powercycle the Linksys or reset it from the www interface, all of the players will be immediately discovered by the controller software.

So cable modem off, sonus all works. Cable modem on, none of sonus works until router is cycled.

Is the cablemodem instructing either the PC's or the router to block certain ports WITHIN the home network?

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