IPsec passthru on Motorola SBG 900

Hi all,

our locable provider ships Motorola SB 5100 and SBG 900, the latter one for customers who want WLAN. To my surprise, the SB 5100 does NOT force you into Routing/NAT (as many ADSL modems/routers do nowadays), but behaves quite transparently: It just talks IP over Ethernet like a bridge to another LAN would do. So if only you hook up a single machine, you're directly connected to the Net and IPsec works perfectly fine.

My question is: What does the SBG 900 do, especially for WLAN clients?

  1. Does it have a of 'bridge mode' so you could do WLAN without NAT for a single client?
  2. If you do NAT, will the IPsec passthru feature mentioned in the manual work with a Cisco VPN connection? We have a Cisco 3030, and there are frequent problems with users doing NAT on some ADSL modem/router.

Thanks for help Martin

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