are all cable modems external?

Had you mentioned that you had two Ethernet connections on the computer, that would have made a difference in some of the advice you've been given. If the port on the motherboard works, yank out the PCI card. If it doesn't work, disable it. Don't switch your cable from one port to the other. That's only going to cause problems.

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And now that you have switched the cable around, power everything down and reconnect the LAN to the MB socket (rather than the PCI board). Then power up the modem and when it's up, power up the computer. Then see if everything is OK LAN-wise.

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I'm not sure if I'm understanding the thread correctly, but when I

called Comcast, they said that they used the MAC address from the

modem, I gave them the one from the new modem, and everything seemed to

be fine.

I may have spoken too soon about the problem being solved. I now have

2 ethernet ports - the one built into the motherboard and the free card

from Comcast that I added (which I'd like to remove). I've had

inconsistent trouble when hooked up to the built-in port with Windows

flashing back and forth between the messages that a network cable has

been unplugged and then that it is connected. During this

"flickering," my LAN connection status shows that it is connected, but

I cannot pull up anything on the web. If I then move the cable over to

the added port on the PCI card, everything is fine and I can surf the

web. I was concerned that it was a problem with the first port, but

then I did have a couple brief instances of the second port doing the

same thing. So I thought that perhaps it was a problem with Comcast's

server, but they deny that there are any current problems. Any


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