Changing from a DSL to a Cable connection on a Mac G4

I have a friend that has an older Mac G4 from around 1999, running Mac OS 9.2. She was using this Mac at another location with a DSL Earthlink account. At that time she would connect and disconnect her Mac from the DSL connection with an application called MacPoET.

She has moved with the computer and her roommate has a cable connection with a OnQ router and is using a Dell PC. In addition my friend has a newer Mac Powerbook which is also connected to the earthlink account via the router. I tried a few simple steps with the Mac G4 after plugging a Cat5 cable from the ethernet port to the router, but could not get it to communicate with the internet.

I am primarily a PC person and am usually 99% successful at getting those boxes up and running on the internet. I have no idea where to start as to what I should install, uninstall or whatever to make this Mac work. I did find a web link that shows how to un-install the MacPoET program but I am not sure if this is what I need to do.

Can anyone suggest the necessary steps that I might pursue to get this Mac working through the existing connections. Thanks in advance!

Grace and peace.

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Very few cable setups use PPPoE. And those which do can usually be handled from the router. Turn off MacPoET. Trash it if possible, restart if necessary. Check the TCP/IP control panel and make sure it's set ethernet/DHCP. You might have to put in the IP of the local ISP. Make sure that AppleTalk is set to use ethernet.

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Charles Dyer

I will give that a try around friday and report back. Thank you for your helpful reply.

Grace and peace.

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