Broadband connection in 98SE

Hai everybody,

i need to know how to set-up a broadband connection(PPPoE)in 98SE.

I have a router modem with an installation CD.

My connection requires a username and a password.

It's pretty easy to do so in XP.

May i get help in this direction?

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You set this up in the router - it is the "connecting" computer. Check your router docs.

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When you set up your router and select 'PPPoe' as the connection type, you should be prompted for your Comcast user-ID and password. From that point on, the router should automatically connect and authenticate for you.

It should be fairly invisible to you as the end user. Every time your browser (or newsreader) attempts to access something on the Internet, the router will negotiate the connection automatically.


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Justice Gustine

It is the wrong group, but there's not a lot of activity, so ...

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