Anonymity nodes on Comcast?

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I thought running any kind of public server was verboten on Comcast. I use an anonymity service, so I can listen to Pandora and Clear Channel online radio stations, from outside the U.S. (they have blocked them to non-U.S.listeners), and when I was listening a while ago, I found that the anonymity service was bouncing me off a Comcast residential account in Pleasant Hill, Ca. I thought that even running anonymity nodes in Tor or HideMyRealIP would be against the rules. Services like Tor, HideMyRealIP, and a few others, are P2P, so you never know where the "exit node" is going to be, and I just happened to be routed through a node running on a Comcast residential account in Pleasant Hill, California.

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Just because it's against the rules doesn't mean it's impossible.

And no provider--comcast included--has the manpower to chase down every single TOS violation.

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