All connection lights going off and on with SMC Barricade 7004ABR

For the past few weeks I've been noticing my networking alert icon popup in my task bar, and I just noticed recently that the problem seems to be my SMC Barricade router (7004 ABR)

This router has been working fine for a year or so, however, I think it may be starting to die.

When the networking icon pops up to indicate a connection was lost, I can see that all the connectivity lights on the router go out (ie both yellow and green for all connections, but Power and WAN lights stay lit). Sometimes they come back on immediately, but sometimes they continuously blink off and on for several iterations.

I have tried resetting the router and unplugging the power but this has not fixed it.

Unfortunately I think I may have caused this myself due to placing a cable modem on top of it, because I noticed one day that the top of the router was very hot (I didn't think it was a problem since there are no vents).

I just wanted to know if anyone has had a similar problem and fixed it before I buy another. I think I'll probably get the same one unless there are other suggestions...

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If it were so hot enough to be a problem for the router, it would be a problem for the cablemodem, too. And if the cablemodem is setting on top of the router, the heat of the router is rising into it, too. So if it's hotter inside the modem, and it's surviving, it isn't likely what's causing your problem.

If the connection lights on the modem are going out, and the connection icon on the computer is, too, the most likely problem is a bad Ethernet cable, or loose connectors. Possibly the jack on either the NIC or the router is bad. If it's a multiport router, change ports. Change cables next. And if it's still a problem, try a new NIC. Changing ports is free. Changing cables is a buck or two. Changing the NIC is a ten-spot. And even though routers aren't blocks of gold, at that point you've still spent less than the cost of a new router, and the chance that you'll fix the problem is greater than if you replace the router first.

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