Adelphia Powerlingk and loosing connections...

Your best bet would probably be to have someone test the cabling *to* your apt and also *inside* your apt for signal loss with their test equipment and if it isn't up to snuff, pull new RG6 wiring through to replace the old.

Shouldn't require any damage to your walls to pull new wiring through. You may have to pay for it though depending on your cable ISP and apt rules.

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I am getting ready to try again, my old Adelphia Powerlink ISP and see if MAYBE things MIGHT be different.....

The last time I had it, it kept disconnecting and I live in an apartment complex that was built in 1967, the wires can be accessed that run INTO my apartment and at the main line on the outside pole.

I was told by the last Tech I had hear, and I had SEVERAL here, that said the reason my connection kept failing was that the wires that they NEEDED to get to was inaccessible cause they are behind walls in the building, of course, the management is NOT going to let them tear any walls out, so, my question is this....

Is this true/applicable and is there a workaround like a booster or some other device?

Thanks!! Mary Beth

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Thanks!!!!! I saved your response and I'll tell my Adelphia people about it....

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If there's a problem with the cable, a "booster" will likely not help much. However, the problems are more likely to be in a connector. That said, cables do have a usable lifespan, and should be replaced occasionally. In apartment buildings the usual practice is to run new cables on the outside of the building.

BTW, why do so many people not know the difference between "lose" and "loose"? Unless the cables are too tight, the word you want is "losing"

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James Knott

Opps...I even noticed that I spelled Powerlink wrong...AFTER I hit the SEND button...... )-:

I will inform my Cable co. of these issues concerning lost connects BEFORE the do an install.....

Thanks!! Persy....

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