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After 15 years of 2-3 kbs download speeds we finally have the option of getting cable internet through Charter in St. Louis and instead of renting the modem and router for $10 a month I would like to purchase my own but I'm new to this equipment and looking for suggestions.

I checked on Newegg and I think the Linksys WRT54GL router along with the D-link DCM 202 modem will do the trick but not sure? I plan to have my computer as the main and the wife and daughters pickup through a network card and not sure which network card to choose from. Also if it makes any difference on the equipment I would like to play around with the DirecTV on demand feature sometime in the future.

My system consist of a Asus P3B-F MB, Intel slot 1 P3 1gig CPU, 512 MB PC


Any input would be appreciated.


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Suggestions are basically opinions, and here's mine. I would agree to use their modem at first, just to make sure that part is working fine before you swap it out for one of your own after a month or three. When you do buy a modem, I am partial to the Motorola Surfboard series. If you shop around and wait for a sale, you can sometimes find the current model essentially free after rebate, or close to it.

I have a couple of WRT54GL's and like them very much. Highly recommended. For this part of the local network, I would jump in right away and buy the WRT54GL without temporarily renting Charter's stuff.

Wired or wireless? Most desktop PC's come with a wired connection, while laptops generally come with both wired and wireless capabilities.

If you're buying from Newegg, which I recommend, you're fairly safe using the user reviews & ratings as a rough guide to what works.

I don't know anything about that or how it would be affected by your local network.

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Bill M.

Thanks for the info, I will purchase a modem and if for some reason it gives any hiccups during installation I'll rent Charters for a month or so and figure out the problem from there.

Thanks, Rick

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