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X-10 Specifications
You could use a hardware interface and then talk to that. Do a google search for cm11a
Smart Glass
I am trying to source some electrical contacts in a run of 6 folding sliding doors in order to pass the electrical current for some smart glass. I envisage that they may be a plunger type similar to...
X10 / RF analyzer
Hullo (Feels a bit quiet in here, but hopefully someone will read this.) I've been using X10 for about 6 months. It's, er, obtuse sometimes, but pretty flexible - which I like. I tried and binned...
Crestron Programming
Hi, Can anyone point me towards a good (free) on-line introduction to Crestron programming?
Green House remote wireless thermometer
Useful remote wireless thermometer
Wind sensor & Weather Station with display panel or touch screen panel
Professional weather station with Wind sensor Wireless Thermometer
Dimming CFL's
Make sure your CFL's say dimmable! WTOP delivers the latest news, traffic and weather information to the Washington, D.C. region. See today’s top stories.
Leviton 6291 local switch bounce/chatter
I switched a lamp to CFL and had to replace my dimming wall switch with a leviton 6291 (relay) switch. I dug it out of the pile of old X-10 stuff, it's probably 20 years old. Remotely, the switch...
Crestron toolbox
Does anyone know how/where I can obtain the crestron toolbox software? Rob
Whole house audio- 1 receiver for whole house?
I installed a whole house audio system 6 yrs ago when I built my house. Now I am planning on moving and doing another. My media closet looks like a nuclear facility there are so many wires (6 zones,...
254 GPS NOW 25440
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Please respond - Wind Powered Generators. I will be reading for responses in this newsgroup.
I will be reading the comments in this newsgroup for the next few days and learning from those that are positive and helpful. I know that this is an out of topic posting to this newsgroup. That is a...
Want a portable dehumidifier to work with heater fan
I want to run a portable dehumidifier with an external dehumidistat (switch that goes on when the humidity is above a certain level). And I'd like the furnace fan to go on when the dehumidifier does,...
FS: 4-camera wireless spycam security system
Motor for Blinds
Hello, I am from India, and am working on a project where I need to automate the closing and opening of venetian blinds. I have gone thru some materials on the net, and found that at a few places, DC...