Leviton 6291 local switch bounce/chatter

I switched a lamp to CFL and had to replace my dimming wall switch with a leviton 6291 (relay) switch. I dug it out of the pile of old X-10 stuff, it's probably

20 years old.

Remotely, the switch works perfectly.

If I push the manual switch very deliberately, it works. If I tap it as quickly as I can manage, it works. But if you walk up and tap it at a normal rate, the relay clicks 3 or 4 times and ends up in a random state. I fear this is gonna do harm to my CFL inverters.

Closest schematic I can find is this one:

formatting link
I'm tempted to put a cap and current limiting resistor across the switch. More peak current will help keep the switch contacts from corroding.

Better schematic? Better idea? No, I'm not gonna go buy a new switch, I'm gonna fix this one if it kills me.


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