WGL V572AB transceiver vs. Leviton HCPRF-1TW

I needed to control the outside lights of my house from my car. Originally I purchased Leviton HCPRF-1TW transceiver hoping that a product from a large and well-known company would perform up to the specification. This transceiver turned out to be falsely advertised and practically unusable. Its advertised range when used with Leviton keyfob transmitter is 75 feet, but its real range is only about 25 feet. It cannot be really used from inside of a car, the range then is only about 15 feet. Then I replaced it with WGL V572AB transceiver and its range is about 150 feet around my house, using the same keyfob remote, but it may be more in other terrain. Thanks to Barry from Worthington Distribution for pointing me to this transceiver.

It was a major frustration for me at the beginning and a great relief at the end that there exists a transceiver that has a useful range. BTW, is there any other X10 transceiver on the market with a useful range?

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Jiri Kripac
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