Problem with Intermatic T107-30 Timer - Running Slow

Hi all,

We have an old mechanical Intermatic T107-30 timer which controls our landscape lighting. In the last few weeks, the timer started acting up - it is running extremely slow.

Basically for every hour, the timer will only run ~2 minutes.

Is it worth getting this timer repaired? Does anyone know if there is a simple fix for this issue?

If not, can anyone recommend a timer which will:

  1. Control ~1000 - 1500W of lamps
  2. Sunset programming AND turn off the lamps at a fixed time (i.e. 3:00am).
  3. Multiple programs (turn on at sunset and turn on around 5:00am?).

Since this is for residential use... something cheap + reliable would be ideal ;-)


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I had an old Intermatic mechanical used indoors for controlling a light. When it started running slow I sprayed the internals with WD40. That was 20 years ago. Still working since but I only use it on vacations.

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Typically this is caused by the bearings in the synchronous AC motor wearing out. Some suppliers stock the replacement motors.

However, if you are running a kilowatt of lighting, you are spending $100s per year on power controlled by this thing, and it would be worth it to buy something more precise in timing versus sunset. An hour a day will save you $50 per year. The Intermatic Web site will help you.

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WD-40 is often a good way to get those old mechanical timers working again. Follow it with a coat of some good silicon or other thin lubricant. It tends to wash out whatever lubricant might have originally been there.

A couple good blasts from an air hose are handy, too.


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Richard J Kinch wrote in news:Xns989B9E0E79FB1someconundrum@

Yes, that's what we're thinking too - buying a digital timer with some more smarts in it.

I did some recalculations, we're probably closer to 600 watts, so a kilowatt was a bit of an over estimation.

In anycase, thanks everyone for their suggestion, I'll give the good old WD-40 a try :-)

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"bob kater" wrote in news:4584557e$0$4920 $

Yes, I thought about that too - but I failed to mention the wiring for the box is located inside our garage. So if I were to use a photocell, I'll have to rewire.

Also, a photocell will run the lights all night? I sort of want a device that is smart enough to turn on after dark till some fixed time (i.e.

1:00am), and then turn back on around 6:00am before work till sunrise ;-)
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