Intermatic 5-pc. kit good?

you guys are the experts... i have no experience with this stuff, but i am looking to set up things to turn on & off when i'm out of town.

is the Intermatic kit at Costco a good start and price? and does this hardware support the later use of software that would allow me to control from my pc?

also, what sort of issues are there with this stuff & wireless (both 2.4GHz wireless & 5.8GHz phones i have)?

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I'm unfamiliar with this Z-wave product, but after reading the web page I have a few comments:

  1. Check the price and availability of additional compatible modules in case you want to expand beyond the 4 they supply with the kit.
  2. Assuming you're affected by this, verify the Standard/ Daylight Time dates used in the controller take into account the changes in effect next year in the USA and (parts of ?) Canada.
  3. The picture shows what appears to be a handheld remote controller as well as the desktop controller, but the handheld is not in the list of what's included. If it really is, then I assume you'll only get 3 modules in this "5 pc kit".

Regards, Charles Sullivan

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Charles Sullivan

Why doesn't the Z-Wave Radio use the 2.4GHz band?

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Decent deal for the package. I sell the Intermatic USB interface with sdk or software for $49.95

I'm also the only stocking dealer of these anywhere.

I really like Zwave and the Intermatic brand products are great compared to the crappy act stuff.

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The modules from ACT, Sylvania and others were clones of Zensys demo modules and used Zensys designs. If they were "crappy" I think the blame lies with Zensys.

ACT has always enjoyed a good reputation for quality and for technology that worked better than similar devices from X-10 or Leviton.

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Dave Houston

Have you actually had any Z-Wave products in your possession at any time, sir? I may be wrong about this but I seem to recall you had stated that haven't tested any Z-Wave components at all.

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Robert L Bass

Your quote was more than a little out of text...

What he said was "If they were 'crappy' I think the blame lies with Zensys" and he was defending ACT.

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John J

The point is that the gentleman has often spoken against Z-Wave without ever having tried it. I think it would be more fair if he would mention that when commenting on the various Z-Wave offerings. Otherwise, newcomers might be accidentally misled into thinking he speaks from experience.

FWIW, I've no particular bias either way since I don't sell Z-Wave or Insteon... yet.

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